The Falmouth Tall ships 2014

The Tall ships have left Falmouth after an extremely busy 4 days! They attracted over 230,000 visitors to Falmouth bringing in an estimated 15-16 million pounds to the towns economy. The flotilla, which sailed alongside the 44-strong Tall Ship contingent, is believed to be the largest in Falmouth Bay in living memory.

I was lucky enough to have a front row seat as I photographed the event for Cornwall Life magazine. There is no doubt people will be talking about the event for years to come. Such a great success!

_MG_9771_MG_9382 _MG_9739 _MG_9803 BO4A1344 BO4A0779_MG_9263 _MG_9278 _MG_9284 _MG_9292 _MG_9294_MG_9305 _MG_9329 _MG_9339 _MG_9344 _MG_9360_MG_9404 _MG_9412 _MG_9432 _MG_9442 _MG_9781_MG_9785 _MG_9818 _MG_9817 _MG_9827 _MG_9863BO4A0762 BO4A0811 BO4A0812 BO4A0870 BO4A0882BO4A0891 BO4A0899 BO4A0921 BO4A0965 BO4A0990BO4A1014 BO4A1146 BO4A1155 BO4A1244 BO4A1275BO4A1284 BO4A1295 BO4A1331

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